Ascii to DH+ Network
$1,250 USD

The newest DataLink GW1000-DHPA (ASCII DH+).

The improved compact freestanding ASCII serial interface gives customers the ability to send as well as receive ASCII messages via A-B Data Highway Plus (DH+).
The GW1000 facilitates ASCII data transfer to any PLC including models without an ASCII port, such as A-B’s ControlLogix.

A block of data is temporarily stored in the ASM’s 240-byte buffer until the buffer is filled or an ASCII carriage return is detected in the data. Once the data is terminated, the bytes are transmitted to the PLC’s integer files in DH+ protocol format. All bytes are retransmitted in the order they were received minus the carriage return.

The GW1000 now has the added functionality of the GW1000, enabling ASCII messages stored in PLC-5 data tables to be transferred over DH+ (Data Highway Plus) to a serial printer or message display.